When students are made more aware about their own skills and the opportunities outside that matches their skills, they tend to remain highly motivated about their future. When they have a clear understanding of themselves and how they might live and work when they finish school, a major cause of stress is removed.

Career education is developing knowledge, skills and attitudes through a planned program of learning experiences in education and training settings which will assist all students to make informed decisions about their study and/or work options and enable effective participation in their working life.

Career guidance is supporting students in making well informed choices about their subjects that can lead them to have a more optimistic outlook on life, sense of purpose and greater level of contribution that they make to their families and society.

Career education and guidance play an important role in curriculum that supports: 

  • students’ interests, strengths and aspirations 
  • students’ achievements 
  • students at risk of poor outcomes 
  • students making informed decisions about their subject choices and pathways.