Act Of Love

Act Of Love

Many of us have the instinct to act as saviors, aiming to solve others’ problems. This often means that while someone is talking, we’re not truly listening—we’re busy thinking about the solutions we can offer. However, the reality is that people usually already have solutions to their problems.

 Even if they don’t, they tend to listen to our advice but ultimately do what they believe is best for themselves. What people truly lack today is someone who genuinely listens to them. More than solutions, people crave to be heard and accepted.

The day we shift our mindset from trying to save everyone to recognizing that everyone is capable in their own right is the day our relationships will start to improve. It’s not about being a savior; it’s about being a listener and an accepter. When we understand that our role isn’t to fix others but to support and listen to them, our connections with others become more authentic and meaningful. This fundamental change in perspective can lead to deeper, more fulfilling relationships.

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